Signs to look out for

Sometimes it may be obvious when an adult is experiencing harm or potential harm, however sometimes it may be less obvious to spot the signs. Some signs of harm could include:


  • a delay in seeking treatment for injuries or illness
  • sudden increase in confusion
  • unexplained deterioration in the adult's health or neglected appearance
  • the adult being anxious, afraid or withdrawn
  • misuse of medication, such as not giving medicines properly
  • pressure by family or professionals to have someone moved into or taken out of care
  • hostile or unkind behaviour towards the adult
  • unexplained debt, not paying bills for services
  • not having basic needs met, such as adequate food or heating
  • not being provided with information on rights or entitlements, or being misinformed
  • harassment about age, gender, disability, race, colour, sexual or religious orientation
  • another person using possessions, bank account or property without the adult's informed consent
  • the adult not receiving care, which would protect them from harm
  • unexplained injuries such as cuts to arm and leg areas

The above list is not exhaustive it is for guidance purposes only.

If you know or suspect an adult is at risk of harm please report your concerns using the telephone numbers above.