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Translating this website

You can translate most pages of this website into more than 50 languages using Google translate. You may need to install Language Packs to view some of the languages correctly.

South Lanarkshire Council is not responsible for the content or accuracy of external websites.

The Council's Translation and Interpretation Service also provides interpretation and translation facilities.

Languages available
Afrikaans Italian
Albanian Japanese [Language pack required]
Arabic Korean [Language pack required]
Armenian Latvian (Latvijas)
Azerbaijani Lithuanian
Basque Macedonian
Belarusian Malay
Bulgarian Maltese
Catalan Norwegian
Chinese - Simplified [Language pack required] Persian
Chinese - Traditional [Language pack required] Polish
Croatian Portuguese
Czech Romanian
Danish Russian)
Dutch Serbian
Estonian Slovak
Filipino Slovenian
Finnish Spanish
French Swahili
Galician Swedish
Georgian Thai
German Turkish
Greek Ukrainian
Haitian Creole Urdu
Hebrew Vietnamese
Hindi [Language pack required] Welsh
Hungarian Yiddish