Most adults manage to live their lives in safe and secure manner. However, for some, their ability to keep safe and to protect their wellbeing, property or finances will be a challenge. Adults can be more at risk if they develop dementia, or they suffer from mental illness or where alcohol or drugs have taken their toll.

Unfortunately, there is often someone who is willing to take advantage of people in such situations.

Fortunately, legislation has been introduced in Scotland that allows councils to support and protect adults who are at risk of being harmed.

Nowadays, most people are aware of the need to protect children. However there appears to be a much lower awareness and understanding in terms of the need to protect some adults. Our view is this must change.

Adult protection is not just the business of professionals such as the police or social workers; it is everyone’s business to keep adults safe. We all have a responsibility to be vigilant to ensure the wellbeing and safety of adults who may require support. This in turn, can play a large part in terms of keeping our communities safe.  

This site has been produced by the South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee to help raise awareness of Adult Protection and the surrounding issues. This site will offer information in terms of where to access potential supports and how to report your concerns if you believe an adult may be at risk of harm.

The site will also offer information and guidance to employees of South Lanarkshire Council and other named bodies within the Act, such as the Police and NHS professionals.

The South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee are keen to find out your views in relation to reporting concerns about adults at risk. Please click on the link below to complete the short survey. 


Safaa Baxter  

Independent Chair

South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee